Recommended Links of Interest has been a leader in fundraising resources and information since 2008. The site was started as a partnership between several parents who had dealt with school fundraisers for years. They noticed a lack of good resources that covered all of the basics of fundraising and provided assistance to those who were trying to plan successful fundraisers. During a discussion after one particularly stressful fundraiser, they decided to create a resource for other parents that provided the basics and helped them find help with fundraisers. They pooled their fundraising knowledge and created Since then, they have gathered more information from other parents, students and teachers and the site continues to grow today.
Water safety for children. Very informative website for parents teaching their children to swim of the danger and precautions
This website features general information/overviews, treatment and organizations focused on insect bites and stings.
This website is produced by doctors to give information on insect sting allergies including terms, articles, diseases and conditions, medical procedures and tests, medications, health facts and doctor responses..
KidsHealth Spotlight on Summer offer articles to parents, children and teens to prepare for summer. Articles cover topics from dehydration, insect bites and stings and allergies to sun, water and bicycle safety.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued summer safety tips for patients and professionals to follow.

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

MN Department of Health

MN State HighSchool League

MN Poison Control

Gillette Childrens Hospital

American Academy of Dermatology

Children's Healthcare Network

Childrens Hospitals and Clinic of Minnesota

Immunization Action Coalition

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

American Academy of Pediatrics

Comsumer Product Safely Commission

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